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Covid Contingencies!

Covid-19 struck the world and our lovely business just as it was thriving. We had so many exciting events that had to be cancelled and ensuring our clients were covered and reassured was our top priority. Many managed to reschedule most but milestone events lost their appeal to those involved and we set about securing full refunds for them. It was such a disappointment but as we head out of what we hope is our final lockdown we are looking forward to planning many more events like those in the coming months.

We are now armed with rapid flow tests which we carry out prior to every client meeting/event and we also now have our very own gorgeous supply of mulberry silk masks for extra protection for you and us.

Covid-19 has posed so many challenges for the event industry but its ability to adapt to change and support each other through such instability will only further highlight its resilience and dedication to the client.

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